Our partners

ECPF - Etablissement Cantonal de Promotion Foncière (Cantonal Land Development Agency)The ECPF (Etablissement Cantonal de Promotion Foncière) is responsible for acquiring, developing, and providing sites dedicated to economic activities. It acts as a real estate agency intended for companies and whose first mission is to administer the former industrial sites purchased by the State of Fribourg, namely that of Tetra Pak in Romont and those of Elanco in Saint-Aubin (AgriCo) and Marly (MIC).
The Directorate of Economy and Employment DEE has the task of promoting and boosting the economy of the canton, including in the field of tourism. It supports energy efficiency and renewable energies. The DEE is responsible for cantonal statistics and is active in housing policy. The DEE maintains the Commercial Register. It also monitors the balance of the labor market and works to reintegrate job seekers. Finally, the DEE is responsible for vocational training and the Universities of Applied Sciences of Fribourg. 
The Fribourg Development Agency is the contact point between the business community and the state. It offers a partnership service and assists in all the steps involved in setting up your company or expanding your activities. 
Fri UP
Fri Up is the official supporting entity for business start-ups in the canton of Fribourg. Its mission: to advise anyone who wishes to launch a startup and support the most innovative projects.
The Broye Regional Community is a regional development organization that brings together the ARBV (Association Région Broye Vully) and Ascobroye (Association des Communes de la Broye) and private members.COREB deploys its activities in the study and promotion of harmonious regional development and planning. Regional policy, the economy, education, health, transport, waste, and the environment are all areas in which COREB plays a leading role in the development of the inter-cantonal Broye.
Cluster Food&Nutrition
The cluster’s mission is to support stakeholders in their innovation process by combining the knowledge of food production and processing with that of nutrition, health, and emerging technologies in a logic of sustainable development and respect for the environment.
Commune de Saint-Aubin
The AgriCo site is located in the commune of Saint-Aubin, with which many links are woven.An important commune in a booming district, St-Aubin participates actively in regional development. Like other surrounding communities, St-Aubin benefits from the opening of the A1 freeway between Morat and Yverdon.To meet the demands of the population and economic actors and the requirements of the canton in several fields, the structures and infrastructures of the commune are constantly changing, whether in the school and extra-curricular, administrative, social, cultural, or sports fields.This recent development must continue while respecting a certain quality of life and preserving the residential character of the commune so that for a long time to come, we will be able to hear far and wide:"St-Aubin, a town where life is good! ".