The companies active on site

Alver is a new food company producing everyday foods that are based on Golden Chlorella 
Bee Vectoring Technology
Nature's Solution for Healthy Crops.
 Ensure your crop yield is always thriving and manage disease and pests with our completely natural innovative solution.
Our mission is to effectively and sustainably support the cultivation and care of plants using technical means and intelligent services.  

Together with our customers, we develop solutions to improve their competitiveness.
Low Impact Food
Lowimpact food revalues co-products of different local beer and fruit juice producers through the breeding of edible insects. 
Maison Amarella
High-end macaroons with tastes from around the world and while at he same time respecting nature, this is what Maison Amarella offers. 
Mr. Marc Plancherel has always been passionate about quails. He created his own quail farm and makes it a point of honor to produce quality eggs. 
Techponics accompanies the sustainable transition of greenhouse crops by automating hydroponics production processes.
Timac Agro
Partner of a sustainable agriculture
SensDRB GmbH is an internet of things (IoT) company focused on the application of state-of-the-art microelectronics, embedded systems, sensors and machine learning algorithms for agricultural applications. 
Vertical Master
Training center for drone's professional application.